Tiffany Moore of Kindred and Copper

The Girl Behind the Loom

Tiffany Moore is a fiber and installation artist, weaving and creating large scale installations for weddings, retail display, and events. Her business began creating and selling woven wall art in her home studio in San Diego, CA, designing and carefully curating each piece using a variety of weaving techniques on many different loom sizes.  She leads instructional weaving workshops in her community and you can still find her creating custom weavings for individuals, but she has since grown to work on larger scale installations and backdrops. Fiber art may be her forte, but she has grown to incorporate plants, woodworking, florals, and more into her installations.  

Tiffany lives in San Diego, with her husband and cat (Oliver). A few of her favorite things include: Wes Anderson films, hunting for a good vintage find, baking, interior design and danish modern furniture, true crime, and Fleetwood Mac. In addition to creating woven wall art, Tiffany has a passion and an eye for film photography. She shoots on a variety of different film cameras of different decades, but the majority of the time she is carrying her Canon AE-1 or 1957 Argus C-44. She creates raw and artistic imagery through film, in her home, and on the loom. Follow along for a look into her latest work!