Living Succulent Wreath

No front door to a home is complete without a wreath! For some time now, I've been in search of the perfect wreath and decided why not make my own? I found this tutorial on (where I work) and received tips and guidance from trusted plant expert and friend, Liz. 

This wreath was made out of a solid moss base. I chose to use succulents with pastel blues, turquoise, and violet undertones. First massaging off all the soil and most of the roots, we allowed  them to 'scab' over for a couple days. This gives the little guys the idea that they are being transplanted and need to grow a new root system! It also makes planting them into the wreath a whole heck of a lot easier. Using a stick or back of a paintbrush, we made little holes where the plants roots would be anchored. There are a couple different options for attaching the roots to the moss, either with hot glue or floral wire. Because hot glue doesn't harm the succulents (which I was really surprised to find out) we found it easier to attach all of the larger plants this way. I used Spanish Moss to fill the extra spaces and corners, but attached this with floral wire as the moss is a little bit more delicate.

This was one of those projects that I did in phases, as it took a few hours at a time. After a week,  I'm really happy with how it turned out and my front door is oh so joyful and ready for spring!