Upcoming Workshops

San Diego: October 20th at Pigment

Beginner’s Weaving 10a-1p

Circular Weaving 2p-5p

Weaving Workshop Table Setting

Weaving Workshops With Kindred + Copper

Workshops with K + C are designed for beginners and will provide you with all of the tools, inspiration, and instruction you will need to start and complete your very first woven wall hanging. Each class includes all necessary materials and a starter kit to continue your new love for weaving at home. Starter kit includes: high quality loom, warp thread cone, needle, heddle bar, two shuttles, and The Girl Behind the Loom: a Kindred + Copper beginner's guidebook with instructions and techniques.  

Stay tuned for information on intermediate workshops, designed for those with previous weaving experience or those that have taken one of our beginner courses.

Tiffany Moore of Kindred + Copper Weaving Workshop